Healing arts Kung Fu with Danny Gordon means

Being taught by a Master, Being pushed to your personal limits,

Being supported with absolute acceptance.  

It means learning about yourself and others,

And giving yourself permission to be the best you can be.

Devora Busch

Mother of 8 year old boy who takes the class



The best thing about Tai Chi is partnering with other people.

We include everyone!

Mr. Gordon teaches us about Random Acts of Kindness.

Tai Chi gives you friendship.

It makes me feel included.

8 year old Jacob Barry



Prior to starting with the Healing Arts school of Kung Fu, Jemima was a child that did not like to put her hand up in class, did not like to take part in group discussions, did not wish to be part of any group sports or activities so getting up in front of her class to do a ‘speech’, was simply out of the question.  Jemima would ask to have the day off school when it was ‘speech’ week.

The beginning of school in 2010 for Jemima was a challenge, she was well below her year for math as well as reading and she found both very hard, however, after starting Kung Fu, Jemima has finally found the confidence within her, that I think even surprised Jemima!!   She completed her first speech in front of the class and came 2nd, she was chosen to be the narrator for a fashion parade in her school hall, which meant she introduced the models and what they were wearing, she was chosen by her pairs to be class leader for the week, she now puts her hand up in class, enjoys group discussions and asked to join the Kapa Haka group, as well as the Saturday netball team. 

We have since relocated to the Gold Coast and she is part of the Tuesday after school ‘Math Club’ and is finishing 1 book per week in her own time.  Most recently Jemima started swimming lessons, she has never swam before but has amazed her swimming teaches by going up 5 levels in 4 weeks and she loves it.

Since starting with Danny and his team, the transformation our family has seen in Jemima has been truly amazing!!  She has a confidence about her that glows, she is no longer hiding behind people and she wants to go to school, being late for school for Jemima, is simply not an option.   Jemima is taking herself to new places she thought she would never try but the most exciting thing is, she’s so happy! 

A parent or parents always try to bring the best out in their child but what Danny and his team have helped Jemima ‘unlock’ within herself, should be on every parents “wish list”, my husband and I will be forever grateful.   It has been an honor and a privilege to have had our daughter under the guidance of ”Danny” and the  “Healing Arts School of Kung Fu”, they are amazing people, doing amazing things in our community and we wish them all the best.



Jacqui Raroa & Ra White



The "Healing Arts Kung Fu School" was opened in July 2009 by Mr Danny Gordon, who I have found to be both an inspired and inspiring teacher.  To be able to take part in his Chi Gung, Chen Tai Chi and Ba Gua classes is a very great joy.  It has been said that the practice of these three disciplines leads to a radiant health, a graceful agility and mental clarity.  I have found a remarkable increase in my balance, co-ordination, flexibility, energy  and alertness.

For nearly 50 years I have been an archaeologist, and the arthritis I had developed in my shoulder and neck from heaving around buckets of earth is now almost gone.  I'll be 80 next birthday, but I feel like a very fit 50-year-old - ready for the next 50 years!

Dr. Wynne Spring-Rice