Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang

Grand Master Chen, son of Chen Zhaoxu, is the 19th generation inheritor of his family's style of Taijiquan. Born in 1945 in Chenjiagou, Henan, China, he began studying Taijiquan at the age of 7. GM Chen has received numerous honors for his Taijiquan prowess, and is also a noted calligrapher and scholar. His gentle manner and clear and concise teaching style have earned him the reputation as one of the best Taijiquan instructors in the world. His stunning demonstrations of his family's martial art give him claim to being the best Taijiquan practitioner in the world. Considered a living treasure, GM Chen wants to transmit his love of Taijiquan to students everywhere. 



Chen19 Form

Chen 38 Form 

Chen Laojia Yi Lu 74 Form

Chen Sword Forms

Tui Shou

Reeling Silk

 Authentic, Traditional Chen Tai Chi Chuan 

Tai Chi is physical

The learning and practicing of Tai Chi can result in many different health benefits. What creates the desire for us to keep learning primarily is a sense of achievement or satisfaction during and just after practice. Harder to perceive in the short term are the changes in overall attitude, work ethic, determination, clarity, creativity, feeling comfortable, harmonious, at ease, and confident, are all “states of mind”.

These states of mind are arrived at through physical practice. The mind body link cannot be denied. Therefore as we place more demand on ourselves physically we receive benefit mentally and vice-versa. This is also known as “character development“ or getting out of your “comfort zone”. We then create change which strengthens mind and body. Positive attitude and high level immune function are enormous assets.

Tai Chi Chuan can translate as “Supreme Ultimate Boxing” this indicates the physical aspects is necessary to achieve all that the mind may desire in health and longevity. You may not particularly embrace the physical or martial aspects of practice but need to look above your perception to obtain potentially higher level benefits the ultimate goal in martial arts is to “know oneself”.

Self defense ability in Tai Chi  is developed through deep  understanding and adherence to a sophisticated system of movement, the body adjusting to be in an optimum state of balance at all times. Health benefits derive from the creation of a balance between the external physical and internal visceral aspects of the body. Therefore it is of equal importance for physical development and character development simultaneously, so that a state of equilibrium can be reached between heart, mind and body. 


Tai Chi is change

The concept of change is all around. During the change between day and night, one can observe most things gradually becoming quiet.
Releasing the thoughts and processes of the day, calming or “winding” down, relaxing and recuperating. Softness arrives in the form of night and eventually the cycle determines closing of the eyes.
This indicates the natural cycle of our world (Tao). Practicing Tai Chi early in the morning is most beneficial due to our blending with the “natural cycle” of night (Yin) changing to day (Yang). From eyes closed to eyes open, function within the body adjusts as the outer body becomes energized and activated. Our practice should reflect this concept. Also most importantly , Chi is most abundant early in the mornings.

Enjoying Tai Chi means you are experiencing a degree of “harmony”. Firstly within you then around you.

You will reap the reward with what you are sowing.

         Sow a thought, reap a habit….

                                              Sow a habit, reap a character…. 

                                                      Sow a character reap a destiny….

Daily practice will bring change, change is fluid, change creates balance.  




 Chi Gung

Chi Kung exercises are intended to improve health, increase energy, revitalize the body and mind, prevent or control disease, tone the internal organs, improve balance, reduce stress, boost the immune system, remove toxins, tone the muscles and tendons, uplift mood and contribute to longevity. Take some confidence in this promise, "every person who uses chi cultivation methods consistently experience some form of health improvement and personal access to  greater energy and power"

 Roger Jahnke, OMD, the Healing promise of Chi 2002, page 31


New Zealand representatives with Bill Helm

Honored to have shared time and space with Bill, his students, his gwoon. 

Warmly embraced by our friends in America. We'll treasure the energy shared for life, looking forward to returning in the not too distant future.