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The Gordon Family  has been involved in Martial Arts for many years,  teaching professionally, full time for over 12 years, Healing Arts Kung Fu school is a health focused family of arts, Kung Fu five animal training, Tai Chi Chuan, Chen and Wu, Bagua Zhang, Specialized courses in, Sword, Push hands, Dragon and Tiger Medical Chi Gung, Sparring and Self defense. 

HAKFS (Healing Arts Kung Fu School) is influenced now by these teachers:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


~ Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang

~  Bruce Frantzis

~ Sifu Daniel Mesnage

~ Gareth van Sambeek

~ Master  Ho

Throughout Auckland, courses, classes and workshops. Heart Children New Zealand Chi Gung, Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Young Forest Leadership Programmes, Kids Kung Fu, Adult and Family Kung Fu and Tai Chi, Bagua Zhang, Dragon and Tiger Medical Chi Gung,  therapy of motion - fitness class



We are excited about the prospect of helping you, your child or family achieve  the benefits of Kung Fu, improve  awareness, Breath, Posture, boost confidence, improve flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle tone, self defence, discipline and self esteem, these are  only a few of the many advantages you can gain from Healing Arts Kung Fu training.


Our programmes work hand and hand with a child's school work, providing: improved self discipline, self confidence, mental alertness and goal setting  skills. Young people are taught that with commitment and dedication, one's goals in life are possible, adults too can benefit from releasing stress and improving the way we train as we age.      

- KUNG FU translated means -                                          

"In search of excellence and skill, through hard work, and time."                                                                                                         


Feedback from parents has attributed our programme to improving grades as a direct result of the increased achievement, motivation, self direction and self confidence . It is important for each child to learn to set goals, short term, intermediate and long  term goals.


At the Healing Arts Kung Fu school, every childs goal is the black belt. A symbol of excellence in martial arts and an important tool for instructors and parents to use for developing desire, tenacity and for teaching the importance of following through - in any activity.


Available now in Auckland


           -- Young Forest Leadership Programme 


           --Tiger Cub Kung Fu (4 to 6 year olds)


           -- Kids/Family  Kung Fu


           -- Adult Chuan Fa


           -- Chen Tai Chi Chuan - Wu Tai Chi Chuan


           -- Bagua Zhang


           -- Chi Gung / Qigong 


           -- Motion therapy




Relaxed  Precise  Controlled

Healing Arts Kung Fu provides personal development training. At the core of traditional Martial Arts is the ability to  "know ones self"




                                                                                                               Harmonize   -   Beautify 



                                                                                                    Feel supported in all 8 directions




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